Mp3 Juice v/s Music Paradise Comparison

Mp3 Juices is an application for mobile devices which enables users to download the music from different sources. And Music Paradise is an application which enables user to listen the music online. Music paradise and Mp3 juice are both the application for those users who are music lover.

They both enables user to listen the music in mobile device but the difference is in MP3Juices you can download the music as well as listen online but Music paradise only allows you to listen the music online.

In music paradise you can manage your own playlists and listen your music whenever you like from any device. But in mp3 juices you can’t create your playlist. You have the options of playing the music, downloading them, copying the link or sharing the link. Beside these options you cannot find any other options.

Mp3 juices is designed for downloading the music files rather than listening the music whereas music paradise is purely made for listening the music online. You will not be able to download any mp3 or songs in your device but you can listen them.

You can create your own playlists and save it so that whenever or wherever you want to listen your play lists, you can retrieve. For that you can log in with your account. You can also play your playlists in other devices by logging with your account detail. And you can also share your music play lists with your friends and family.


In MP3juices you don’t have to log in with any account. You can simply open the apps and search your favorite music files, listen them and download them if you like it. Once the download is complete you can play the song by using different other software or inbuilt application.

Unlike other mp3 downloader you can download any songs easily. You don’t need to go through various links while you are downloading the music through this app. You can simply search the music with the title and it will displays the results with the matching name and you can simply either listen online or if you want you can download and listen whenever you want.

Like downloading in easy in MP3Juices, listening the music is simple in music paradise. You can simply open the app and you can start listening the music you want by searching online. Or if you want, you can add the songs in your play lists. You can play the songs from the playlists if you are connected to the internet and relax.

Music Paradise and Mp3 Juice are both the best application for a user can if he or she is a great fan of music. If a user is always connected to the internet he can use Music Paradise and listen latest or oldest songs but if he or she has internet access for certain time only, then he/she can use Mp3juices for downloading the music files and listen them whenever he/she wants.

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